Jacob's Ladder Farm

Who We Are, How We Operate, and How To Reach Us

Who We Are
Jacob's Ladder Farm is a woman-operated business.
We focus on connecting kids and adults to their literary background and family roots by offering exciting opportunities for hands-on contact with nature and her crafts. When this contact is guided in a respectful and appreciative way, we see tremendous character (midot) development, personal growth, and self-esteem. When this contact engages the intellect by providing truly integrated curricula and revealing insights into how the world works, multi-age groups and families can learn and grow together.
Jacob's Ladder Farm programs highlight the success with which we can teach when learning is multi-sensory, nature-based, creative, and hands-on. Now these programs need a home. May Jacob's Ladder Farm spark the funding of hands-on Children's Museums of Science, Crafts, and Torah in every community, reflecting the geography, talents, literary traditions, and resources of local communities throughout the world.

Why "Jacob's Ladder Farm"?
Besides being named after husband Jacob Laderman, the farm's name alludes to the Jacob's Ladder mentioned in Genesis 28:12. This ladder had four rungs, points out the great Jewish sage and physician Rambam (Maimonidies), according toThe Call of the Torah: Genesis II by Rabbi Elie Munk (Feldheim Publishers, 1980, p. 614). The four rungs correspond to the "four stages which thought must pass through...starting from [the world of action and natural phenomena] and culminating in the vision of the absolute, " writes Rabbi Munk (pp. 614-5). He explains that the "four successive stages correspond point by point to the process by which nature teaches us." (p. 614-5).

Although much schooling emphasizes learning "about" things instead of "with" things (thought without doing), this technique may not work with today's urbanized children, who may lack basic nature-play and experiences of bygone eras. That's why our visitors don't just feed an animal; they experience its personality and partake of its bounty. Too, many children simply need hands-on activity to forge neuro-pathways in the learning brain. That's why our visitors don't just watch demonstrations, they create; and in creating things, they create themselves.

Jacob's Ladder Farm programs are temporailly unavailable. We are closed Saturdays and Jewish festival days, sometimes available Chol Hamoed. . 

Locations, Or: Why Can't I Bring My Children to the Farm?

We wish you could and, until a few years ago, you used to be able to!  Due to bizarre zoning regulations, we cannot at this time host visitors to our farm who make "educational use" of our property--even though we are zoned as a farm and as a school. This means we can offer Jacob's Ladder Farm Programs just about anywhere except at Jacob's Ladder Farm! 

Notes on Fees
We do not make a profit; fees offset some animal-care expenses and materials for hands-on programs.  We even do our website ourselves!

Please note: There may be as much as a $400 fee to do programs in Baltimore City, MD, and a $100 fee for sites in Carroll County, MD, due to extra permit and licensing fees in those districts. 

Please note: There is a $275 minimum on all programs. If you don't have a group, please check our "Upcoming Events" periodically for our open-to-the-public programs at various locations.

Contact Us
For more information or reservations, please call 410-655-6777 or email jacobsladderfarm@gmail.com

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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