Jacob's Ladder Farm

The Eco-Torah Collection

All Jacob's Ladder Farm programs encourage feelings of connection and stewardship toward nature and highlight the use of renewable resources. The Eco-Torah collection is the best of the best for enhancing ecology appreciation.

For young children, saving the environment is an abstract concept. Yet when allowed to put a chick down for a nap or calm a sheep, they relish these rare opportunities to play caretaker to another, smaller being. "Why does this gosling love me so much?" exclaims one child, cuddling the trusting youngster. Another child refuses to abandon his sheep, except to run to bring her more daisies to eat, returning to sing her "Adon Olam" and to tell her she is a beautiful sheep.

To see our precious new generation caring for Hashem's creatures with breathtaking sureness is to reencounter the process through which our Jewish leaders-Yaakov, Moshe, Shaul, David-developed their compassionate shepherding of flocks and so were chosen, later, for compassionate shepherding of Bnai Yisrael. So, too, is ecological training at the child level-in a Torah context--a worthy start for future Jewish leaders.

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