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Midot (Good Traits) We Learn from Animals

Best for ages 5 & up

Even if we didn't have the Torah to teach us midot (good character traits), say our Rabbis, we could deduce how to act by watching animal behavior. Join us for a live-animal and picture-book safari of animals that excel in their special character trait. Live animals include doves and sheep.

Length: 30 minutes for each group of 20 or fewer children and adults.

Cost without Donkey: $5/person; one teacher per group free; adults who have done this program before are free; $350 minimum (you may be able to be piggy-backed before or after another group for a smaller minimum). $1/mile travelling fee. Pay for any two programs listed under ANIMALS and/or MELACHOT and get $2/person off the second program (you do not have to do both programs the same day.)

Extra: Donkey, $150 (or $2/person) additional

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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