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You Are Noah! (Parashat Noach)
Best for ages 4 & up

Learn to recognize kosher signs ("clean" and "not clean") on sheep and goats as we become Noah and wish to know which animals will enter the Ark 2 by 2 or 7 by 7. {Play a game with life-sized hoofprints of wild and tame kosher animals, learn about cud chewing and grazing patterns, and understand how split hooves and cud chewing can save a kosher animal's life. If the donkey is requested, predict and then test who will win a carrot-eating race: a cud-chewer or a non-cud-chewer! Examine kosher and non-kosher egg shapes and learn how a kosher bird sits!}

Next, learn not only how to feed the animals (and then feed them, as Noah had to), but also how each animal sleeps, as we will need to find each a place in the Ark to go to sleep. In season, cuddle baby birds and learn to put them down for a nap!

Finally, watch a perching experiment with doves and quail to see why Noah sent out a dove. {We may even be able to convince a dove to sit on a child's hand!}

Age 4 Version
As above, but with less direct teaching. Activities in brackets are omitted.

Age 3 Version
Feed and pet sheep and goats, stroke an Angora bunny, hold baby chicks (in season), visit doves, pet a duck's back and tummy.

Length: 45 minutes for each group of 20 or fewer children and adults.

Cost without Donkey: $5/person; one teacher per group free; adults who have done this program before are free; $350 minimum (you may be able to be piggy-backed before or after another group for a smaller minimum). Or $400/3-4 hours for as many participants as we can accomodate in a quicker version that will require a great deal of active participation from you and your staff. $1/mile travelling fee. Pay for any two programs listed under ANIMALS and/or MELACHOT and get $2/person off the second program (you do not have to do both programs the same day.)

Extra: Donkey, $150 (or $2/person) additional

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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