Jacob's Ladder Farm

Weave Textured White-on-White Pattern Cohen Cloth

Best for ages 7 & up

The priests' linen clothing may have been of undyed linen, but they weren't plain (according to one opinion, the design was white diamond shapes inside of white squares!). Use a skip-pattern technique to create a raised white-on-white sample. Finished size: 3 x 4.5 inches. Price includes yarn and cardboard loom, which you may keep and reuse.

Length: 45 minutes-1hour for each group of 20 or fewer children and adults

Cost: $5/person; one teacher per group free; adults who have done this program before are free; $350 minimum (you may be able to be piggy-backed before or after another group for a smaller minimum). Or $400/ 3-4 hours for as many participants as we can accomodate in a quicker version requiring a great deal of active participation from you and your staff. $1/mile travelling fee.

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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