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Wool, Flax, Bugs & Snails:
Tapestry-Weaving for the Mishkan

Best for ages 7 & up

Re-enact hands-on how the Children of Israel may have created beautiful Tabernacle tapestries in the Wilderness. Cut wool from a live sheep, spin wool into yarn, feel flax in the various stages of linen-making, learn about animal-derived dyes, ply 24-strand, 4-colored yarn & 28-strand, 5-colored yarn according to Rashi, weave cloth using Rashi's "double-wall" technique. Spin and weave with tools like those pictured in Egyptian tombs. Imagine how Jewish women may have "spun the goats" (see Rashi on Shmot: 35:26) as a molting bunny sits quietly on our lap while we spin its loose wool into Angora yarn!

Portions of this workshop are based on Rashi: Shmos/Exodus, by Rabbi YIZ Herczeg; The Torah Anthology, by Meam Loez; The Living Torah, by Rabbi A. Kaplan; Prehistoric Textiles: The Development of Cloth in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, by EJW Barber; and the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

Length: 1- 2 hours for each group of 20 or fewer children and adults, depending on depth of information desired.

Cost: $11/person; one teacher per group free; adults who have done this program before are free; $350 minimum (you may be able to be piggy-backed before or after another group for a smaller minimum). Or $400/3-4 hours for as many participants as we can accomodate in a quicker version that will require a great deal of active participation from you and your staff. $1/mile travelling fee.

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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