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Dye Wool for the Mishkan

Best for ages 10 & up

Kool Aid-dye some wool red, blue, and purple to create the three colors of the Mishkan's famous tapestries and priestly clothing. Red (tola'at shani): See a New-World cochineal snail, which gives a dye similar to the Old World kermes biblicus of the Torah. [When the New World was discovered, cochineal replaced the more-expensive kermes dye in Europe. The British Red Coats were of two types: The Infantry's dull-red jackets were from the cheaper plant dye "madder"; the Officers' flashier-red jackets were due to the brighter, and more expensive, cochineal snail.]. Blue (techeilet): See a murex trunculus shell, likely the chilazon sea creature from which techeilet was extracted, and see wool dyed techeilet, which Rambam notes is identical in color to the pant-derived indigo. Purple-dark red (argaman): Learn a twining technique to create a color of two or three yarns woven together, showing why the Raavad, Kley HaMikdash, thinks the color argaman comes from the root "arg"--woven.

Length: 45 minutes for each group of 20 or fewer children and adults

Cost: $5/person; one teacher per group free; adults who have done this program before are free; $350 minimumi/ (you may be able to be piggy-backed before or after another group for a smaller minimum). Or $400/ 3-4 hours for as many participants as we can accomodate in a quicker version requiring a great deal of active participation from you and your staff. $1/mile travelling fee.

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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