Jacob's Ladder Farm

Girl and Boy milking a goat Welcome to Jacob's Ladder Farm!  Our traveling educational farm brings you the Farm Experience close-up.  Kids learn best hands-on, so we do start-to-finish programs that allow kids the joy of insight into farm creatures, mastery of nature-based skills, and creativity through cottage-industry projects. 

In Sheep-to-Shawl: How Cloth Was Made, kids cut their own wool off a sheep; comb, dye, and spin wool; weave projects on their own small take-home loom; and operate the shuttle and harnesses on a 10-treadle floor loom set up just for kids!  In other programs, they milk a sheep or goat, then learn to make Kick-the-Can Ice Cream or Microwave Mozzarella.  Grinding grain for pizza-dough, metal-smithing, and candle-making for kids round out the hands-on experience.

Teacher-training programs are available upon request.

But don't expect to do all this in one day!  We take the time to teach each child as an individual and offer a plethora of fascinating background information during each high-quality session, so be sure to note the length of each program listed in the description.

Note: Most programs have a secular version and a Jewish/Biblical version that focuses on how each animal or skill appears in the Bible and subsequent Jewish study, practice, and literature.  If you want the secular version, click the "Be a Farm Kid for a Day!" button.  Otherwise, click the "Jewish & Biblical" button. 

Thanks for exploring our website!  For more information, please contact us at 410-655-6777 (4am through 2pm) or jacobsladderfarm@gmail.com.

We are closed Saturdays and Jewish festival days, sometimes available Chol Hamoed. 

Prices may change without notice. All fees listed here are samples only. Your exact pricing will be worked out in your personalized contract.
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